At Bright Kid Montessori House the last Friday of every month the birthdays of all children of that particular month is celebrated. What a great party time !! colorful themes, party wears, decorations, balloons, cake and mouthwatering snacks are the attraction of these parties every months. Parents are also welcome to take part and enjoy with us. Kids have great time and loads of fun!!


Bright Kids have created a green farm and enjoyed the role play activity of gardeners. This activity helps them to explore nature and experience the sensorial impressions of Touch, Feel, Smell and See plants' life very closely and express their feelings.


Bright Kids celebrated Bakrid with spirit of love and brotherhood. wall decoration, craft art work make all children aware about cultural activities celebrated all around the world and stimulates all round development of children. Follow us in facebook to see more photos.


Bright Kids celebrated ONAM the colourful harvest festival of Kerela. Teachers and kids look gorgeous in white and golden traditional kerela attire. You can see the colorful designs of Pookalam created by our kids at bright Kid Montessori House.Follow us in facebook to see more celebration photos.


Children celebrated this festival with lot of enthusiasm and dedication.Children made Lord Ganesha craft work using rangoli,grains,glitter, sequins with the help of their teachers and took them home.Parents also took part in this celebration. Let Lord Ganesha bless these little tots to gain knowledge and wisdom.

Role Play : BE A TEACHER

All Bright Kids came dressed up like teachers to celebrate Teachers'Day.Each one of them took class and explained concepts. At Bright Kid we encourage children to explore, experience and express creatively through various role plays. Be A teacher was highly successful as children have the natural tendencies to teach their dolls and teddy bears, what they have learnt at Bright Kid. So, this activity gave them the opportunity to teach their friends and teachers.